I was first referred to Dr. Segovia several years ago when I walked into work, screaming in pain about my toothache, asking if anyone had a good dentist. One of the producer’s immediately smiled and said, "I just started going to the best dentist ever!" Another co-worker had referred him and he shared the same enthusiasm. On my first visit, I saw why.

I’d never seen a dentist who greeted each of his patients at the front desk like he did. He even offered them bottled water. I hadn’t seen a dentist in years and was worried about being overwhelmed, but Dr. Segovia set me at ease and organized everything into a couple of appointments over the month. He didn’t make me feel bad for falling behind and I think that kind of relaxed confidence is something that carries over to his patients. In the chair, he makes your comfort a top priority and is always making sure that you aren’t in pain. I pretty much just fall asleep with my mouth wide open like a crocodile does while he gets his teeth cleaned on the riverbank.

Dr. Segovia is an awesome person who makes what many people dread, an absolute pleasure. Best of all, his work is beautiful! The entire staff is equally charming and helpful and I’m very thankful for how well they’ve looked after me. Whenever I get asked about a dentist I say pretty much the same thing that was told to me and afterwards, they always agree. I cannot "talk up" Dr. Segovia enough. HE IS THE BEST DENTIST EVER!

– Chris Pontius
Jackass / Wildboyz